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Whup Asp

Whup Asp

zesty pickled asparagus spears

$ 12.00

Truly a creation to behold: asparagus in a brine infused with white wine vinegar, pink peppercorns, hot cherry peppers and orange juice. Asparagus season is a short one locally, so when April rolls around Rick pickles fresh asparagus while it’s tender. He’s taken the Stalk of Spring’s delicate flavor and given it a mouth-watering, lip-puckering boost with a bright and tangy brine. Whup Asp is a perfect addition to an antipasto platter and a sprinkle of the brine on your salad will give it a flavorful boost!

What’s inside:
white wine vinegar · water · asparagus · salt · orange juice · hot peppers · pink peppercorns

Unique, creative, and incredibly flavorful, Rick's Picks are made in small batches with seasonal ingredients, resulting in nicely balanced pickles with a modern twist.

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