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Bunny Bites

Hungry for Sushi

Last week at HBHQ marked the eagerly anticipated arrival of the game Wasabi!, and boy, is it ever cute! The premise, the pieces, and game play all follow the sushi theme to a T. Possibly the only things missing from it are soy sauce and chopsticks (though maybe not if you’re a purist). Side note: Did you know that sushi is a finger food? It’s actually easier to eat that way; give it a try next time!

Anyway, we couldn’t even get halfway through reading the rules during our test spin before we broke down and just *had* to order some sushi for lunch. Even now as I think about the game I’m getting hungry for sushi. In fact, everything about Wasabi! seems to have that Pavlov sort of effect. I read the rules > I want sushi. I stack up the ingredient tiles > I want sushi. I shuffle... read more »

Here we go!

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