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The People's Pickle

The People's Pickle

crunchy garlic dill pickles

$ 8.00

What's up with The People's Pickle? Simply put, the people have spoken! For years, folks have wondered when Rick's Picks, which is based on the Lower East Side of New York, would come up with a pickle that evoked the mouth-watering spirit and classic flavor of New York deli pickles. The People's Pickle is a chunky, garlicky slice with hints of coriander and dill. Just try to have only one!

What’s inside:
cucumbers · vinegar · water · garlic · dill · coriander · salt · calcium chloride (a natural mineral to enhance crispness)

Unique, creative, and incredibly flavorful, Rick's Picks are made in small batches with seasonal ingredients, resulting in nicely balanced pickles with a modern twist.

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