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Takeout Menu Organizer Takeout Menu Organizer

Takeout Menu Organizer

$ 21.00

Let's face it — a lot of us don't cook every night. Or any night. Instead, we order takeout and accrue the haphazard chaos of the dreaded disorganized menu drawer. Finally, there's a new-and-improved solution: the Takeout Menu Organizer.

Like a modern-day recipe box, this durable, pleather-licious, zip-up portfolio neatly unites everything necessary to feed oneself via telephone or Internet. Categorize and corral the mess of menus within the tabbed divider pockets, and when hunger strikes, you'll have everything at the ready, including an incredibly handy, guided notepad with which to memorialize each and every order.

What's inside:
three-ring portfolio · 5 tabbed dividers with storage pockets · adhesive tab labels · 40-sheet order pad · meal-rating stickers · tipping guide · helpful ordering advice · frequently called numbers list

Portfolio measures 8.5 x 10 x 1.75 inches

Knock Knock aims to put the fun back in functional.

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