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Sushi ROLL!! Sushi ROLL!! Sushi ROLL!!

Sushi ROLL!!

$ 14.00

A great party game for kids and adults alike, Sushi ROLL!! is super easy to learn and extremely fast to play. Take turns as the Sushi Chef in rolling the four sushi dice. Whoever is the first to match their sushi cards in hand to whatever the Sushi Chef has rolled places their cards on the table and shouts, "Order Up!" To win, be the player who's collected the most sushi cards once the deck runs out.  There's Wild Wasabi to help you out, but beware of the dreaded Sushi Steal and Stinky Sushi cards!

What's inside:
92 sushi cards · 4 sushi dice · instruction card

Box measures 6.25 × 8.25 × 1.75 inches
Ages 6 and up
For 3-8 players

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