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Spears of Influence

Spears of Influence

cumin-scented dill pickle spears

$ 10.00

Here’s a new kind of spear with a little spice and a lot of attitude. Cumin and fresh lime bring zing and a mouth watering-pucker to the brine of this pickle. A healthy and satisfying snack, Spears of Influence are a fabulous addition to a sublime potato or tuna salad. Cube a spear up into sections and add a dash of brine for the perfect dirty martini!

What’s inside:
cucumbers · vinegar · water · garlic · dill · salt · pickling spice · lime juice · cumin · dried chiles · peppercorns

Unique, creative, and incredibly flavorful, Rick's Picks are made in small batches with seasonal ingredients, resulting in nicely balanced pickles with a modern twist.

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