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Unbottled Water

Unbottled Water

Sunrise Orange special edition KOR ONE

$ 35.00

All of the kick-ass-ness of the original Sunrise Orange KOR ONE, now with thought-provoking, nature-inspired graphics (if you so like)....

Through their Thirst For Giving program, KOR supports four selected nonprofits doing extraordinary work in water-related causes by donating $5 from the sale of each KOR ONE Special Edition Vessel. Sunrise Orange represents Container Recycling, and the Unbottled Water edition features a pristine landscape where majestic mountains rule the valley and clear skies reflect upon sparkling water running through untouched rocks — the very sort of landscape that is disappearing quickly, in part due to the billions of plastic, glass, and aluminum containers that are discarded and never recycled each year. Unbottled Water strives to remind us that responsible habits do make an impact on our environment, and by being less wasteful of disposable containers, we help save our natural resources.

Vessel has a capacity of 750 mL
Measures 11.5 inches tall with a 3.5 x 2.5-inch footprint

Delivering sustainable personal hydration solutions that protect and celebrate water, KOR believes passionately in the importance of clean water to human health and to the health of our planet, and in the power of design to inspire and motivate.

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