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¡Hola! Jalapeño

¡Hola! Jalapeño

$ 6.50

By Amy Wilson Sanger

Tacos, frijoles, tortillas, oh my! In this hot little number, Amy Wilson Sanger serves up some sizzling Mexican treats for you and your little gourmet. From burritos to quesadillas to molé, lively mixed media and cut-paper collages take readers on a tour of their favorite foods of Mexico. Sure to satisfy faster than you can say “More, por favor!”

The back cover features a simple pronunciation guide of Spanish terms included in the book:
hola · jalapeño · señorita · quesadilla · cocina · mi casa · burrito · tortilla · taco · tostada · salsa · guacamole · por favor · gracias · tamales · frijoles negros · arroz · enchiladas · mole · flan · horchata · adios · amigó

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