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Red Fold Flat Grater Red Fold Flat Grater Red Fold Flat Grater

Red Fold Flat Grater

$ 20.00

 An eye-catching box grater that can store flat in a drawer? Yes, really! When required, simply unclip the locking catch and open it out to create a traditional-style box grater. Made from hard-wearing polypropylene, its "living" hinges allow the grater to be opened and flattened an almost infinite amount of times. The side-grip handle makes grating over food easy, and the fine and coarse stainless steel blades provide you with the usual grating options.

When flat, measures 18 × 18.5 × 1.2cm 
When deployed, measures 18 × 10 × 10cm
Dishwasher safe

Specializing in contemporary kitchenware, Joseph Joseph designs some of the most stylish and technically innovative products available. Form and function... you can have them both!

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