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Children's Seersucker Stripe Chef's Apron

Children's Seersucker Stripe Chef's Apron

$ 20.00

A children's version of the Seersucker Stripe Chef's Apron… A High quality Designer Chef's Apron constructed from durable Cotton. Overall-style slide at neck and long ties at waist for easy adjusting. Three pockets makes this apron appropriate for not just cooking, but for any potentially messy activity!

Apron measures 22.5 × 19.5 inches, excluding neck strap and ties
Top Strap Length: 21.5 inches per side
Side Strap Length: 22 inches per side

Influenced by the nostalgic charm of a bygone era, Jessie Steele's retro-chic hostess aprons make a flirty, feminine statement both in and out of the kitchen.

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