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Bourbon Lollipops

Bourbon Lollipops

$ 2.25 - $ 10.00

Lollyphile was getting kinda fancy with this one, trying to make a haute-cuisine lollipop (bourbon & cucumber, anyone?), when they realized that messing with perfection and simplicity is plain silly. Bourbon is best straight up or on the rocks. Everyone knows that.

So here's the quick rundown: they've put sweetness in the sour mash, they've put Bourbon on a stick, they've made what may be the most All-American lollipop. You're gonna love it.

Handmade in small batches, each hefty lollipop measures 1.5" across. Ain’t no puny Dum Dums here!

Lollyphile strives to make you remember exactly why you threw fits as a child when your parents wouldn't buy you candy, while also gently reminding you that you're perfectly able to buy your own candy now.

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