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Super Cupcake Chef's Apron

Super Cupcake Chef's Apron

$ 30.00

The Super Cupcake Chef's Apron — bold? Understated? Or perhaps a little of both.... Constructed from a durable, heavyweight cotton, the Super Cupcake Chef's Apron will spur the sweetest creations while soundly girding you for full-contact baking. A functional chest pocket at center front and two roomy side pockets let you keep your tools of the moment close at hand, while the overall-style slide of the neck strap and long ties at the waist make for easy adjusting.

Apron measures 33 × 30 inches, excluding neck strap and ties
Top Strap Length: Adjustable 25.5 inches
Side Strap Length: 28 inches per side

Influenced by the nostalgic charm of a bygone era, Jessie Steele's retro-chic hostess aprons make a flirty, feminine statement both in and out of the kitchen.

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