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Red Lace Sophia Apron

Red Lace Sophia Apron

$ 30.00

Recipe for a super-hot, dinner-at-home date? The Red Lace Sophia Apron, a pair of matching stilettos, and (wink wink) nothing underneath... yeah, baby! Constructed from a fine, lightweight cotton, the apron features neck and waist ties for easy adjusting (or quick, ahem, removal) as well as a convenient waist pocket. Red lace detailing trims the neckline and pocket opening, and a sexy layer of lace underneath peeks out a few inches below the apron's hem. Kitchen inferno!

Apron measures 31 × 26 inches, excluding ties
Top Strap Length — 24 inches per side
Side Strap Length — 30 inches per side

Influenced by the nostalgic charm of a bygone era, Jessie Steele's retro-chic hostess aprons make a flirty, feminine statement both in and out of the kitchen.

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